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project lay out.jpg
project lay out.jpg
Training Center
Exam/ Vet
Whelping Suites
Puppy Enrichment Area

Existing Facility 120' x 40' w/ 8 acres
Existing  concrete slab only

Area 2
Existing  concrete slab w/ awning and 16 kennels

Area 3
Existing  concrete slab only

Area 4
New constrstruction / bare land
Area 5
New construction / bare land
* Office 
* Hospitality Housing
Will accommodate
3 Bedrooms
Two Bathrooms
Two Living Areas
Area 6
Area 1
Area1Project Totals
Area 2-5 Project Totals
Area 6 Project Totals

Area 1 - Project Description w/ Pictures

Currently in place and purchased is an existing metal clear span building measuring 120' x 40' on nearly 8 acres. It is an uninsulated building and needs insulated and interior metal walls to finish out the ceiling as well. Ground work for necessary water mitigation will be necessary when planning the paddocks. The metal building sits on a concrete foundation with a lower level "gulley" measuring 12'x120'. The existing concrete foundation is interrupted in the center of building by an expanded metal "floor" that is suspended above the 12'x120' "gulley". This expanded metal floor will need to be replaced by a concrete floor. Currently the building is an open concept with no interior construction other than an existing wall that will separate the exam room from the whelping suites and puppy area. A remodle/upgrade for the existing building project list is available upon request. Estimated project total for Area 1 $250,000,00

Area 2 - Project Description w/ Pictures

Area 2 is an open air concrete slab , the project image above reflects the visual image for the completed project. 

A concrete topper is needed to add an additional 3 inches of concrete to allow sanitation drains to be installed. Additionally the purchase of 17 kennels is needed, as well as an roof/awning expansion to tie into the existing roof/awning. The new awning will measure 25'x53' at a cost of $16,000.00 at the time of the bid. Concrete and sanitation drains as well as 17 kennels , bids are out and we will update as soon as we receive them for Area 2 project totals.

Area 3 - Project Description w/ Pictures

Area 3 is the location of current kennel/containment units for a total of 16 kennels , covered by a 25'x53' roof/awning. Improvements to this area would be an additional 3 inches of concrete topper to allow for the installation of sanitation drains and the purchase of 7 additional kennel/containment units.

Area 4 - Project Description w/ Pictures

Area 4 is much like Area 2. Currently it's an open air concrete slab and improvements include the expansion of the existing roof awning to provide shelter and a 3" in concrete topper to allow the installation of sanitation drains. Additionally 22 kennel/containment units are neccessary.

Area 5 - Project Description w/ Pictures

Area 5 is a new construction addition. A 25'x53' concrete slab with sanitation drains and 22 kennel/containment units and a awning/roof expansion for shelter is needed. Currently it's just bare land.

Area 6 - Project Description w/ Pictures

Area 6 is a new construction addition. This is currently bare land. Our temporary office is a 30' FEMA style travel trailer. There is currently no hospitality housing for our Veteran to visit comfortably while in the last week of training or office to properly and efficiently conduct business. The newly constructed building will house an office, 3 bedrooms, two living areas and two bathrooms. This building will service not only to house our visiting clients but provide additional training areas for canines in training for a "real house" training opportunity.

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