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"Never Quit.......Press On"

This private grant is open and will close on March 1, 2024. For the 2024 grant cycle.

The focus will be for individuals who need task trained assistance dogs aka service dogs and who can demonstrate a willingness to participate in contract requirements and meet a partial financial responsibility. 



  • Applicants must submit an online application

  • If under 18 years old, application must be submitted by legal guardian

  • Applicant must not have been convicted of a felony

  • Applicant must be able to meet the financial portion of the contract and commit to assisting the team of financial department at LifeLine Service Dogs Corporation , to the best of their ability to assist in raising awareness and or support for LifeLine Service Dogs. 

  • Applicants must adhere to all contractual requirements as set forth in the contract below. 

  • Applicants must reside in the United States


From here forward the term ( I ) shall reference the service dog recipient of said contract and the term ( LifeLine Service Dogs) shall refer to the donor organization. 


I, due hereby enter into a contract agreement with LifeLine Service Dogs.  I agree to the following terms and conditions of placement for a Labrador Retriever, task trained, service dog. Vested by LifeLine Service Dogs Corp. I  agree that all terms and conditions are binding. Intentional default of this contract enables LifeLine Service Dogs  to re assume ownership of the service canine (dog) with no financial reimbursement to me. 

Furthermore, if I am deemed in default of this contract, in addition to forfeiting 

ownership of said canine/service dog, I understand that I will be barred from any future opportunities offered by LifeLine Service Dogs Corp.

Terms Of Ownership;


1. I will not allow the puppy/dog to roam free unsupervised in a populated area. I will agree that it will be contained/raised in an adequate fenced yard or kennel.


2. I will limit the amount of joint stressed exercise until the age of 24 months old, for example: jumping in and out of the back of a truck


3. I will maintain a balanced diet and keep regular vaccine schedules for the 

puppy/dog. I will maintain the physical and emotional health of the puppy/dog.


4. I will NEVER abuse or mistreat the puppy/dog. ANY indication of abuse is an automatic default of contract.


5. I will maintain training with LifeLine Service Dogs routine training maintenance plan (at no additional cost) and support open communication and updates with LifeLine Service Dogs. 


6.The service dog will always wear the vest in public and the vest will be kept clean and LifeLine will be notified if it is in need of replacement. (At no cost to client)


7. Client/SD Team will never misrepresent or exhibit conduct towards others in a hostile manner regarding ADA access. Please notify LifeLine Service Dogs Corp and our Board will take the necessary action.


8. I agree to that under any circumstances that prohibit me from caring for or 

owning this puppy, that it will be returned to LifeLine Service Dogs and under no circumstances is it to be given away, sold or surrendered to the local animal shelter or humane society or any other person or party , surrender is to LifeLine Service Dogs. I understand that No financial compensation will be made to me for any purchase costs or expenses of any kind should I choose to surrender the pup/dog back to LifeLine Service Dogs . I understand that all expenses and arrangements back to LifeLine Service Dogs  are my responsibility. Under responsible circumstances I understand that surrendering the puppy/dog back to LifeLine Service Dogs does not prohibit me from working with LifeLine Service Dogs in the future.


9. This contract shall pertain to the service dog/canine as described in the following: 


10. Participation in Zoom scheduled calls is mandatory.


11. Monthly payments should be met as agreed, unless otherwise approved by LifeLine Service Dogs.


12.Client/ Teams are responsible for participation, if in the event (excluding an emergency) whereas the client fails to participate, dismissal from the program will be warranted. At such time, billable expenses will be calculated at fair market value and will be deducted from any refund potentially due. 

13.Client agrees to participate to the best of their ability, to assist LifeLine Service Dogs fundraising efforts to raise awareness and support, on a monthly basis. This could be sharing posts (including online fundraisers), hosting in-person fundraising events local to you, online fundraising etc...


Canine Description: 



Canine Training:











Item retrieval

Public access 


Scent work

Psych eval’d for PTS, Autism …. 



Leave it 

Watch me 




Public Access : 

Streets / Crossings 


Professional office settings (Dentist/Dr/Corporate)

Farm animals


Vehicle (travel , exit and entry) 



Sirens / Emergency vehicles 



Starter pistol fire 

Grocery stores 


Robotic machinery 

Heavy machinery 

Tornado sirens 



Task training will commence for: 

(This portion of the contract will list specific training needs for individual clients and has been left blank here on this contract sample for review) 

Task List:


Funding : 

LifeLine Service Dogs is pleased to announce our 2024 NBWGBW Scholarship

The NBWGBW Scholarship will provide sponsorship up to $21,000.00 for a total of 25 service dog teams trained through LifeLine Service Dogs Corporation FY2024. 501(c)(3) Non Profit. 


Contract enrollment has the option of:


A: A down payment of $4,000.00 initiates Training/Contract Agreement.

 (Possible down payment plans /Monthly payment plans are available for the $4000.00, on a case by case basis and must be inquired about directly, to LifeLine Service Dogs.)


I do hereby agree to all terms and conditions of this contract and willfully enter into this contract agreement with LifeLine Service Dogs on  this______day of_______, 2024




DATE : _______________________


SD Team signature:_____________________________




LifeLine Service Dogs 501(c)(3)

Authorized Representative Signature


Name: ______________________________



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