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LifeLine Service Dogs Started in 1990 as an training center. Over the last 32 years our Professional Trainers have trained hundreds of Canines in obedience , tracking, Therapy, Service Dogs, Show, Hunt and more. We are expanding our services Nationwide by offering online training classes for Therapy, Obedience, Service Dog, Tracking and more. We are excited about what this will offer to our current and future clients both civilian and military, this offer is only available through LifeLine Service Dogs .   All proceeds will go to support this worthwhile and honorable cause helping the Veterans and Kid's service dog teams in training.


How it Works

We K.I.S.S. it .... Keep It Super Simple 

Your Yearly Membership includes the following:

  • Online, one on one, LIVE instruction anywhere you have internet 

  • Access to LifeLine Online Training Facebook Members Only Group 

  • Access to the Library of Pre-Recorded Training

  • Tips and Tricks stimulate your puppies intelligence

  • Access to the Library of Learning Games and Fun Activities 

  • Tailored and personalized training schedule and program for you , printable and easy to follow for your success!

Training : 

  • Welcoming Puppy Home 

  • Proper and Successful Home "Nursery"

  • Sit 

  • Here /Come (Recall)

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Heel

  • Crate Training

  • Leash Training

  • Potty Training

  • Socialization 

  • No Jumping 

  • No Nipping 

  • Proper House Manners

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Problematic Barking

  • Problematic Behaviors

  • Service dog assessment

  • Handler skills and communication

  • Teaching "Place"

  • Proper, Safe Dog Etiquette (Teaching your dog to play well with others)

  • Understanding and knowing your Breed for success

  • Task training for service dogs


Join Our Online Course
What time works for you?
  • hereby attest that I have reviewed and agree to all contract terms and conditions provided in the Online Training Contract accessbile here on the website.


Thanks for enrolling!

If for any reason you have questions you are free to contact us at 
Phone: 479-858-8820


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