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Career Change Puppies and Started Dogs
We work with amazing puppies and young started dogs. Exceptionally well bred and health tested and purpose bred Labrador Retrievers. However, occasionally we have a fantastic puppy with more of a family companion goal rather than a service dog goal! These puppies are available as Family Companions or Emotional Support Canines. You can inquire as to our availability or join our waitlist for one of these amazing Lab puppies or Started Dogs . 100% of all proceeds go to helping a Veteran or young child obtain a life changing Service Dog. What better way to add a new family member and help a Veteran or Child in need? 


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We work with some of the top bloodlines in Labrador Retrievers. Health tested and proven for intelligence, temperament and beauty. It doesn't get better than a purpose bred litter for service dogs when looking at how perfect a puppy can be! We occasionally have puppy who thinks he or she would like family life over service dog life , and that's ok! Lucky you! All puppies benefit from early socialization, Veterinary care and the great start through programs designed to soar above typical standards in puppy raising. What this means is welcoming a puppy that you didn't know was capable of such a awesome transition and early start in their lives. The difference is something you just gotta see for yourself! Furthermore, adopting a LifeLine Career Change Puppy means you are supporting Veterans and Children who struggle with life altering disabilities. 100% of the cost of the puppy you adopt goes back into LifeLine Service Dogs. LifeLine raises and trains service dogs (maybe even the littermate to your puppy) and then donates these fully trained Service Dogs to our Veterans and Kids at no cost to them! You help make that happen!

We do not keep current availability here on this website, so if you're interested in learning more, your welcome to Join our Waitlist!

Started Dogs

Started Dogs are those seriously amazing puppies we work with, who are now a little older and with alot more training! If your looking to skip puppy-hood and a young Lab , with excellent temperament and training is what your looking for, this is perfect. Each puppy will be at different stages in training. Reach out to us to learn what might be available for a Started Puppy. All started puppies are crate trained, leash trained, they know sit, wait, leave it. They can walk calmly at heel. The do not pull on the leash and are well socialized with awesome manners in the home and in public. All Started Puppies are potty trained and of course Veterinarian health released before joining your family! If your interested in one of our Started Puppies/Dogs Join our Waitlist at the icon above!

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