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Online Training Contract

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LifeLine Service Dogs

This is a legal and binding agreement between LifeLine Service Dogs and {insert client name here} for the purpose of online canine training. This contract purpose is for training in on or more of the selected areas of focus below.

  • Foundational Obedience (successful completion, required for all training courses. Certificate earned upon completions.

  • Diabetic Alert and Response

  • Post Traumatic Stress 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

  • Autism Assistance

  • Mobility Assistance

  • Cardiac Alert (POTS, Long QT etc..)

  • Seizure Alert and Response

  • Hearing

  • Stroke Alert/Response

  • Allergen Detection

  • Facility Dog

  • Migraine Alert

[insert Client name] will enroll in one of the following programs.

  • Year long training and support - $5000.00

  • Month to Month Training Classes (2x week) - $500.00 (You may qualify for a reduced fee based on income, please click here to learn more)

  • 6month Online Training courses - $2500.00

  • One time 5-hour training course $250.00

  • Board and Train - $2000.00 per month

LifeLine Service Dogs trainers will schedule and provide outlined, detailed training program tailored to you and your dog for optimal success and completion of the program. It is the client's responsibility to ensure all scheduled class times are met and attended. A grace period of 15 mins will be allowed for late starts, after which, the class will need to be rescheduled. If no, notice for late starts are given with less than a 1-hour notice a written notice will be given. If a client receives 3 written notices for late start, and or bad behavior (with proof), the client forfeits all future training opportunities and monies paid into the training program are non-refundable. 

The client agrees to complete all homework assignments between classes. The client agrees to commit to consistent effort in training. The client agrees to proper care and condition for the canine in training ensuring client remains a good canine caretaker. Client agrees to follow training outlines as proposed by a LifeLine Service Dog trainer and approved by Lead Trainer, Tina Anderson. LifeLine Service Dogs has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse and neglect. If at anytime abuse or neglect are witnessed or become evident, it is immediate grounds for expulsion from the training program and absolutely no refunds will be given. If extreme and detrimental abuse is witnessed, a call to proper authorities will be made for the sake and saftey of the canine. The client agrees to represent themselves in accordance with the following per LifeLine Service Dogs.

  • Canine and Handler will be well groomed and clean if training in public places. 

  • Equipment must be clean and not appear too worn or excessively tattered.

  • Interaction with others should remain civil and professional, no unprofessional conduct will be tolerated. Ex; shouting at others, rude behavior, training in areas not permitted by ADA allowances. Training with animals not allowed under ADA allowances for public access. Only the canine and handler in training shall be allowed under this agreement between LifeLine Service Dogs for the duration of this contract. 

  • Proper public access is ONLY permitted once the foundational obedience course has been completed, or through professional evaluation by a LifeLine Service Dog trainer, it is deemed the canine has previously received and demonstrates proper foundational training. 

The client agrees to wear the provided SdiT Vest or SD Vest at all times for public access. LifeLine Service Dogs provides a training certificate of completion, not to be confused with our implied as a SERVICE DOG CERTIFICATE , these are non-existent in the United States. LifeLine Service Dogs will VEST (meaning we will provide a vest with our patch representing the canine's affiliation with a recognized Service Dog Organization, for graduates of the program only.) LifeLine Service Dogs will also enroll each canine into the Open-Door program utilized by some commercial airlines for verification purposes to fly. 

Client agrees to keep open communication with the LLSD trainer at all times. Client agrees that LifeLine Service Dogs shall remain harmless regarding any issue regarding a situation where your canine reacts inappropriately to anyone or anything causing damage . The client is responsible at all times for the control and behavior of their canine. 

I hereby agree by signature to all of the above terms and conditions contained herein this contract.



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